Daft Punk – Something About Us (Virtuo System Bootleg Remix)

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www.masellimisure.com The evaluation and grading of tomatoes entering the processing plant, an operation which used to be carried out by the forecourt overseer, today, thanks to the introduction of our SV01 automatic waste and quality evaluation system, has become extremely more objective and full of evaluation parameters. The data gathered, not only provides a more rewarding economical evaluation of the delivered product, but also makes it possible to send the various loads to the most suitable processing lines and can be used to help with the making of agronomic decisions in the future. Furthermore, the information provided by our instrumentation is indispensible in the realization of food-chain traceability in accordance with Standard UNI 10939 for Controlled Tomato Quality. The modularity of the whole structure means it can be adapted to suit the individual characteristics of the reception area, while the various combinations of instruments installed inside the prefab module are able to meet all the requirements of company directives. The automatic probe for taking samples of the tomatoes delivered in bulk loads (mod. CC02), is indispensible for taking a representative sample of the whole load on which all evaluations will then be based. The coring element must be able to pick up the correct quantity of product from the overall load without any grey areas and without altering the characteristics of the product itself. Although there are a series of compulsory

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