SUBSCRIBE, RATE, COMMENT Hey just a video of the stuff i have been doing so far this year, I chose this title and song because I love the thought of no one hating each other 😀 Hope you like it, and you all have fun living/playing. Fatboy Slim – Drop The Hate

Race2Face at COD Black Ops (Parkour)

This is a little video we made featuring the PK guys up at Waterloo. Thanks to everyone for participating, hope you enjoy it. Produced and Directed by Aaron Lai and Philip Szukala Screenplay by Aaron Lai Shot and Cut by Philip Szukala Download this for your iPod: fileape.com

Tapp Brothers – Parkour / Freerunning

Click [HERE] http//:www.learnmoreparkour.com – Learn How to Parkour and Free Run This is a Parkour / Freerunning video of my brother and I doing some parkour, freerunning, and flips in different parts of North Texas. Some pretty crazy flips and free run moves that will likely not be attempted again ha Music: Fatboy Slim- Right Here Right Now

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