The Overseer – Sonshine Festival 2010

This is footage from Sonshine Festival 2010

Overseer Vance Oldes Clap my Hands Sunday Morning 7-25-2010

Overseer Vance Oldes Sunday Morning 7-25-2010

Overseer Gets His Arm Shot Off

The Overseer messes with the wrong girl.

Overseer – Supermoves (OvM)

project for highshool

Fallout 3 – Who are you talking to Mr. Overseer

Fallout 3 – Who are you talking to Mr. Overseer

Let’s Play Fallout3 Part22 All hail the new overseer Amata

In this video we talk the old overseer into stepping down and letting Amata be the overseer.

Dungeon Siege: Isben Yamas, the Overseer [20/62]

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The Overseer

The Overseer is playing at The 11th Hour Venue in Fayetteville,GA

the overseer separation with lyrics

another song by the Overseer called Separation featuring lead singer from Becoming the Archetype. comment if you enjoy and God bless

Radar Overseer Scotty Reads Stupid Signs

Yeah, more signs. Had to re-upload because of the situation with jollyxrancher changing to a lighter one. I mean, jollyxrancher’s remixes are so clever, so leave him and focus your insults on hoobledigga and bitchyfruitcake.

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