SUBSCRIBE, RATE, COMMENT Hey just a video of the stuff i have been doing so far this year, I chose this title and song because I love the thought of no one hating each other 😀 Hope you like it, and you all have fun living/playing. Fatboy Slim – Drop The Hate

25 responses to “Pip Andersen – Drop the Hate (PIPTRIX) PARKOUR FREERUNNING OFFICIAL”

  1. stevoe97 says:

    when i saw the thumbnail of this video it said par…showreel…damn right this is a par 😀

  2. WexlyPK says:

    You’re awesome! A love this vid and your style! 🙂

  3. parkour0guitar says:

    Damn, that was sick

  4. pkdisc11 says:

    How much gymnastics experience do you have?

  5. cozzabhotmailcom says:

    I just realised you can sideflip both ways :O

  6. bennyboy810 says:


  7. dylantaylor47 says:

    hey pip, i was wondering if maybe you could do a cork tutorial for me, honestly i see you as an expert at them lol

  8. GunzterPK says:

    Sick video pip !

  9. EchoPr3ditor says:

    1:13 air jordan

  10. acrylichaze says:

    -picks up the hate-
    -walks off with the hate-

    fuck that ಠ_ಠ

  11. TheAndrewwhoo says:

    dude, you have HUGE kong skills

  12. RaceFord777 says:

    Pip! I love your BackTucks, they are so smooth… Please make a tutorial on how to get better height?:D I would love you forever<3 I've been doing them for years but my height just improves WAY to slowly...

  13. stichguy says:

    it sounds like he says drop the hate kill each other lol but nice one pip

  14. gogaPK says:


  15. MartinQvistgaard1 says:

    It’s that double or triplecork? at 2:22? It’s hard to tell 🙂

  16. HugoSoulXx says:

    Alors la sa gere !!

  17. thejonin567 says:

    You and King David are my two favorite PK/Freerunning people! And advice for side flips??

  18. tomderoon says:


    Whats wrong with you???

  19. JiS01 says:

    DUDEEEEE, respect all over it man!!! You should be a freacking stuntman in Hollywood!!

  20. Nidoslin says:

    Insanely inspiring man, love this vid! Best of wishes! ;D

  21. east013 says:

    pip ur epic man!!! and go taunton!! lol.

  22. badbav33 says:

    Quite a talent you got there!

  23. etiponi says:

    hey man it’s amazing anddd it’s posted on my birthday date 🙂 xD

  24. miloschmilo says:

    Beastly epic kong, i call it

  25. Th3kaybaybay says:

    What do people think when they see u doing this in public. I’m new to even HEARING about Parkour and I already love it 😀

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