Human Traffic Movie Intro

Human Traffic Movie Intro. Great film from the 90s. The song is 03-Fatboy Slim _ Build It Up, Tear It Down

25 responses to “Human Traffic Movie Intro”

  1. voodoopeople94 says:

    Best film ever made 😀

  2. jannisSTREET says:

    wow lack of recent comments seeems like not many peeps know this beaut. dude below requesting mdma pills in poland on youtube LMFAO must be baaaad out there

  3. jamesthefox101 says:

    lol at the guy 0:28 – having the time

  4. diptdipt says:

    In all this game, the devil is losing and at the end will be accused of everything because GOD don’t want any rivals. Conclusion: live at the full in the freedom of GOD (praying in a right form, following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible – keeping the 10 commandments – including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc.) instead of in the incapacity and limited power of devil because he is just a temporary puppet. Jesus Christ is our savior and our hope!

  5. Paoolina89 says:

    maybe Poland I think! I live in Poland and WE NEED MDMA! because there is no mdma pills :(( [sorry 4 bad engl.]

  6. Ecohemp says:

    was there prince Harry ?

  7. bigjamcunt says:

    Great intro. Brings back great memories of gurning to a house or techno track somewhere in a warehouse in East London. Possibly the best film to portray the rave scene in England IMHO.

  8. gamblemadman says:

    FREE PARTY!!!!!

  9. aleshku says:

    MDMA 🙂 great times!

  10. matthewmc01 says:


  11. 2007samsmith says:

    Geat intro, but I prefer the other version!

  12. scientific1982 says:

    Where are you living. The pills going around this past two years have extremely high mdma concentrations.

  13. TheWolvesfan89 says:

    im 13 and love this film

  14. DenisButcher says:


    Тhis film is very loved in Russia, I am sorry that the rave movement was not so massive in our country! A lot of time to review it and each time getting sadder. Steeper than the ninetieth will not be ever!

  15. FPSrich says:

    I love you!

  16. HioPojac says:

    Its not the same as it used to be…things went too mainstream….remember Tom Toms?


    Humans really can fly, at 1:11!!

  18. RoFlOlAsD says:

    best fucking movie EVER MADE

  19. 1yskoob says:

    I’m in this – wearing glasses at 1:01

  20. Cavstic says:

    5 people never touched a magic mushroom.

  21. botezalexandru says:

    this movie is so 90’s!!! feel like watching it again 😀

  22. Cavstic says:

    0:38 Damn she’s tripping as hell.

  23. humpyhustler says:

    What is this track called?

  24. sivalnev1 says:

    nice extasyman 1:31

  25. MrTucker28 says:

    this is a wicked film it takes me to the days when dance music was good and the pills where wicked not like the shit you get now adays take me back to the 90s please FUCKING AWESOME

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