[HD] Daft Punk – Derezzed ( NTEIBINT Remix) Video

Thought I’d make a video to go along with the awesome Daft Punk Derezzed clip. This is a great remix by NTEIBINT.Could really picture it being used in action scene in the film so I made this video with the trailer/test footage to go with it. Please watch it in 720p and hope you enjoy it!

19 responses to “[HD] Daft Punk – Derezzed ( NTEIBINT Remix) Video”

  1. MrPankyto says:


  2. electrokike95 says:

    oh man but this video is super super cool

  3. MrQuiggles12 says:

    Or instead of writing a report. Or doing homework. Or listening in class. Or going to school.

  4. miguelfloresroch says:

    Yo no vi esa parte en la pelicula :c, me estafaron!

  5. bboygataka says:

    yo no vi esta parte en la movi que mamadas ‘?

  6. Gilgondaren says:

    If Legacy consisted only of Epic cyberbattles and uber soundtracks like this one, It would be the quintessence of entertainment.

  7. Hella5avag3 says:

    wheres the download?

  8. DangerBostlegVimes says:

    @DMC69DMC Cheers. It’s trailer footage mixed with the “test footage” they originally released. Just search google for tron legacy test footage and you’ll find it in no time.

  9. DMC69DMC says:

    Where did you get the video footage from ?

    Awesome edit.. Thanks!!

  10. patrat159 says:

    Yes, the perfect song to listen to while writing a report about colonial times. (=

  11. Keliiholokai89 says:

    just saw the official on mtv…fawkin loved it.

  12. gladOSfollower says:

    i just had an eargasm 😀

  13. DangerBostlegVimes says:

    @earthacademy Thanks 😀 appreciate it. This video had like a few hundred or less views a few days ago, then that official video came out and its shot up to 7000 odd , so don’t know if people are just coming across this by mistake but either way appreciate the views and glad you liked it :).

  14. somejackball says:

    nice cut!

  15. earthacademy says:

    better than the official! well done! 🙂

  16. musicaljessa says:

    Oh man i love how he looks right before he kills him.
    Sorry. Green team

  17. iGame3D says:

    Oh that is sweet!

  18. enotdetcelfer says:

    I think I’ve been looping this for the last half hour now……. [*clicks replay]

  19. eobo says:

    nicely done…

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