Fatboy Slim, Olav Basoski – Waterman, Glastonbury 2005

Fatboy Slim performing ‘Olav Basoski – Waterman’ on the Other Stage on the first evening (24th June) of Glastonbury 2005.

13 responses to “Fatboy Slim, Olav Basoski – Waterman, Glastonbury 2005”

  1. DomiCro1 says:

    this is authem of Zrće Papaya beach party…

  2. andylewis23 says:

    i no ye shud of been longer class tune

  3. schatzy3000 says:

    too bad it’s short. 🙁

  4. strangeeye says:

    oh my god, …Fatboy Slim when performing Olav is so great…as always!!! featured .. a lot!

  5. Airisz says:


  6. aninhas2anaa says:

    essa musica e foda olav basoski e foda e tudo muito bom incusive esse video

  7. Oslo85 says:

    Fu***!! thats awsome! I love Olav! He is the king of house. Im proud to say that i have seen him live and talked with him later on 😀
    Go Olav!

  8. nona2403 says:

    I adore this song!!!!

  9. 606950 says:


  10. majkojebac says:

    i thought my laptop is going to explode when the bass started kickin, hehe. great track

  11. davidmiska says:

    hahahhah the bass is dope

  12. unsaltedrhino says:


  13. Francisnotdead says:

    the track is “Olav Basoski – Waterman”

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