Daft Punk – Something About Us (Virtuo System Bootleg Remix)

A bootleg Remix/Cover of Daft Punk’s “Something About Us” Free Download: soundcloud.com Like on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow on soundcloud: soundcloud.com Follow on twitter for random stuff: twitter.com

12 responses to “Daft Punk – Something About Us (Virtuo System Bootleg Remix)”

  1. Stereals says:

    NICE but i can’t change this for the amazing original version :3

  2. drewt6768 says:

    @BoccittoValerio =) would you rather them call it there own ?

  3. MadnessInBloom says:


  4. agentharm says:

    +.97 doesn’t have the same impact as the original.

  5. MrYTPMV says:

    Fuckin amazing

  6. Randomstation says:

    @BoccittoValerio it uses the same notes

  7. BoccittoValerio says:

    It’s good, but if I didn’t know that this is the remix, I couldn’t find for just listening to it. What I mean is, it isn’t one bit like the original.

  8. dubmaniac274 says:

    @Tarzipan58 This still does sound like the original but it does have a twist and to me this has got to be the best remix of this song hands down. Virtuo System great job!

  9. Tarzipan58 says:

    sorry but this doesn’t sound like the original at all. i know its a remix but besides the piano chords and the bit at 2:11 this could be any song.

  10. number0198 says:


  11. Daftfan4life says:

    2:11 AMAZING!!!! cant get enough of it!!

  12. Daftfan4life says:

    You didnt ruin the original!! props to whoever you are! except the vocals are missing 🙁 but its still great! 😀

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