Canadian Freefly Reccord 2005

This a compilation of some shots I gathered plus my shots of the 2005 canadian freefly record attempt organised by Dave Brown. Record was set to 12.

21 responses to “Canadian Freefly Reccord 2005”

  1. skypimp3 says:

    cool cool cool

  2. FruityLoopsas says:


  3. alexispainchaud says:

    Don’t think too much, that’s the beauty of it. Empty your mind, jump, and enjoy. At some point you realise it’s not even an adrenaline thing anymore, it’s really just the feeling, the mindset you’re in when you sky dive… just soooo good!

  4. razda07 says:

    Good speech by the guy at the start. Bruce Lee is it? Legend anyway.

    Same all I ever wanted to do was go skydiving. Along with, dirt biking, jet flying, scuba diving, snow boarding, and mountain climbing. Im one of them extreme sports/ya only live once kind of people like alot of you’se lol.

    Skydiving is the shit! Id be a so scared tough when your about to hop out of the plane… once your out its okay. can enjoy the view and the ride then lol

  5. batterymesa says:

    The only thing I’ve ever wanted to do in life is skydiving.

  6. ZelkowyZul says:


  7. Forumryder101 says:

    that would be so awsome

  8. chriskafaldjian101 says:

    Canadians rock

    Nothing better than Canada besides England, New Zealand, Scotland and Cuba. CANADA !

  9. rubberbandman03 says:

    highest sky dive is 102,800 feeeeeeeettt

  10. pokeylilpuppy says:

    dude type in first man in space.

  11. axault says:

    Highest ever skydive is like 65,000 ft

  12. richiefrost says:

    that was awesome !!!!!!!!! such beauty from the sky above. 🙂

  13. Sonzor123 says:

    Kanocek..The highest you can go without oxygen in Australia is 14k feet.

  14. alexispainchaud says:

    The song is called Supermoves, don’t know the name of the band. It’s on The Animatrix soundtrack.

  15. squeekyV says:

    what is this song?

  16. Mintpaste says:

    she gonna freak out

  17. chakralounge says:

    now all i have to do is keep practicing!!

  18. Xenroc says:

    sky diving sets us free from the world and one day i will sky dive with my girlfriend

  19. 111111666666 says:

    wat is this song

  20. Kanocek says:

    Most sky dives are made from 13,500-14,500 ft. The highest you can, without oxygen go is 16,000 ft

  21. jgmrazek says:

    How far up did these guys jump?

    I skydived for the first time today, and it was the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. A couple years, and I want to be doing this stuff.

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