Fallout New Vegas Walkthrough HD Episode 80: Into the Strip

In we go

Fallout New Vegas Walkthrough HD Episode 81: House

We have a little chat about things

Fatboy Slim – Jump Around live @ Cacao Beach / Bulgaria 06-08-2010

She Gets (Around The World) ft. Daft Punk NEW!

Go Periscope song from their mixtape. It features samples from one of their favorite and most influential artists: Daft Punk. (Around The World and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.) “I remember listening to Daft Punk’s “Discovery” on repeat in my bedroom growing up. It’s one of the biggest reasons I wanted to get into electronica in the first place… This song is just us having fun with two of our favorite songs, and trying to experiment with what Daft Punk does so masterfully, sampling from the past to create something different… If we could learn from any artist, it would be Daft Punk. They are musical geniuses.” -Frazier stated in an interview Get it for FREE on the mixtape. (Link on my profile.) Support both of these artists 🙂

Fallout 3 Side Quests – Head of State

One walkthrough for this quest. More info here: fallout.wikia.com

A Knight’s Tale – Chaucer versus Wat.

Chaucer versus Wat. Film: A Knight’s Tale (2001). Songs: “We Will Rock You”-Queen “We Will Rock You Remix”-Queen/Fatboy Slim

Fallout 3 Main Quests – Following in His Footsteps part1of2

Part 1 of 2. This quest will lead you from Vault 101 to Megaton. In there you will find new information about Dad and this information will take you to Galaxy News Radio.

Daft Punk – Around the World (making of + clip)

the genius of Michel Gondry designing what was the incredible and revolutionary clip of Daft Punk Duo, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (DAFT VIDEO CUT)

Fallout 3 Walk to National Guard Depot

Straight walk from Megaton to NG-Depot.

Araki – Group 7

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