Currahee Yearbook 2004-2005

a little ditty on the Monumental deployment of the 2nd BCT from Korea to Iraq and then on to Fort Carson CO.

Fatboy Slim east dance tent glastonbury festival 2011

Fatboy Slim playing in the east dance tent at glastonbury festival 2011

Dragu sezono uzdarymas 2010 Vilnius

Drag racing in vilnius lithuania. Soundtracks: 1. DJ Shadow feat. Mos Def – Six days (remix) 2. Overseer – Doomsday 3. Story of the Year – And the hero will drown

Something About Us – Daft Punk Piano Tutorial

w00t Daft Punk! 1. Piano chords 2. Bass line 3. Guitar solo I hope you know your notes. Oh yeah, the pictures are mine, please don’t steal them. EDIT: Whoops. I realized that the second time I go through the guitar solo naming the notes, I accidentally said “CD” instead of “DC”. EDIT # 2: I can only read English and French.

perfume×Fatboy Slim / エレクトロ・ワールド~electro remix

©the trickster remix ノーコメント

Lontay’s Attack This is a compilation video of the attacks of Olympic fencer Balazs Karoly Lontay from Hungary in an attempt to provide an analysis of them. The song is “Screw Up” by Overseer.

Microsoft Sam looks at some demotivational posters

I thought I’d do some specific funny pictures. I even have a gandalf one as my PC desktop saying, “If you don’t study…YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”. Genius! Inspired by a comment from Firecloud500

Fatboy Slim Says Hello @ Restelo2011

Restelo 05/11 🙂 Que belo concerto Sr Fatboy!

Daft Punk -Derezzed Original Mix (Extended)

Daft punk Derezzed song from the movie TRON LEGACY NTEIBINT Remix Feel free to comment

8-15 by Oro$hi ★ AKROSS CON 2009 ★ [Place 17 Best Videos]

HQ Download Link + AKROSS CON 2009 Profil: The 38,4 MB Download File is the Best! THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY IN ANY WAY! This is my favourite AMV from AKROSS CON 2009! I hope you like it as well… Member: Oro$hi Studio: Soul´s Team Title: 8-15 Premiered: 2009-11-25 Categories: Character Profile, Story Song: Overseer – Supermoves (Animatrix Edit) Anime: Welcome to the NHK Participation: AKROSS Con 2009, AKROSS Con 2009 17th Place [Best Videos] Oro$his´s Comment: “always looking for somethings different, this time i want to create a story, so i start to think about… what the story will be, about the numbers, then i had this one idea, wich was kim (character name) receive an anonymous letter telling him that he will die, but the problem is, he didn’t know when (date or time??) because a part of message was missing. after i start to look for a serie, it was hard to find the anime, then i saw Sato Tatsuhiro, and i think to myself, yees that’s him, that’s exactly what i need, satou is a perfect character who can play the role of kim hyung =) i also think about the end, so i wrote it before finishing the story, to better organize the Events so even if you haven’t seen Welcome to Nhk, you can watch this amv. enjoy it !”

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